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Online sales conditions
From 1st April 2011

About this English translation

Please note that the summary Sales Conditions below are an English translation from an original Spanish version. Eurolines Peninsular S.A. operates under Spanish law and therefore the Spanish version is the definitive version.     

1. Contract of carriage
These terms and conditions aim to define the contractual agreement between Eurolines Peninsular and the client  who  purchases a Eurolines ticket.
Under permits issued by the Ministry of Transport, Eurolines Peninsular SA operates scheduled international coach services  by chartering with coach companies to service the business. The vehicles are not always in Eurolines livery. Only passengers holding a Eurolines France ticket have a contractual agreement with Eurolines  Peninsular SA. Passengers who do not possess a Eurolines ticket have not entered into a contractual agreement with Eurolines Peninsular.

2. Publicizing the conditions of carriage
These terms and conditions summarize our contract of carriage and are intended to inform customers before the contract takes effect.

3. Reservation conditions
The reservation only becomes effective on receipt of full payment. All ticket purchases with Eurolines Peninsular SA includes a booking fee. The date of the outward journey must always be specified when booking. The booking conditions outlined below are a summary of the contract between you and Eurolines Peninsular SA to provide transportation for the specified reservation. We reserve the right to modify certain information in our timetables and fares , website and promotional materials including the terms and conditions: such changes will be made known to the client before the contract is finalized. These terms and conditions apply regardless of how you book with Eurolines SA, including booking directly by telephone with Eurolines, in writing, on the Internet or through a third party travel agent. Subject to availability of seats on our coaches, we are committed to satisfy your request. When booking by phone or internet, it is the responsibility of the passenger to print the tickets themselves (with indication on screen). A good quality print iof the electronic ticket s required. Partially or poorly printed illegible electronic tickets will not be accepted. For telephone bookings, you can elect to collect your tickets from a French Eurolines office during opening hours. If time permits, tickets can be sent via the post. On receipt of the tickets, passengers must verify that the number of tickets issued and the details match their requirements: (e.g. date, time, point of departure, destination).

4. Fares
In the event of exceptional circumstances (changes in fuel costs, fees, taxes or fluctuations in exchange rates), Eurolines Peninsular SA reserves the right to inrease or decrease tariffs. A €3 per passenger booking fee applies for all bookings regardless of the type of ticket reserved (one way or round trip), The exceptions being the following routes: Morocco: 5€ per passenger. These booking fees do not apply to children under 4 years. From some towns and cities abroad, a boarding and/ or baggage fee may be charged during the high season. Reductions offered on standard fares for passengers under 26 years old and over 60 years old. These reductions are not applicable on promotional fares. Any discounts applied are rounded to the nearest whole euro value.  

5. Payment methods
You can pay for your journey(s) by: redit cards (Visa and Mastercard). Eurolines Peninsular SA reserves the right to modify these conditions. Supplements for luggage can only be accepted in cash at the embarkation point.

6. The ticket - open returns - promotions
a) The ticket is the document that formalizes the contract between the passenger and our Company. It is issued upon receipt of your payment and must be used within six months from the date of issue (one year for Morocco). Promotional priced tickets are valid one month from the date of the outward journey. The ticket is unique to the person named on the ticket and cannot be transferred. It is imperative that the ticket is surrendered to our staff before each journey. In any event, passengers will have to verify that their identity matches the name displayed on the ticket. 

b) If the date on the ticket(s) indicates "OPEN", the booking has been paid for but no date or time of travel has been reserved. It is a mandatory requirement for clients with an open return ticket to book their return journey at least five days before their envisaged return date. Open returns from Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Morocco, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine must be re-confirmed locally and in person.

c) Promotional priced tickets are subject to special conditions according to the destination (e.g. when they can be booked, travel duration of the ticket). These tickets are not refundable.

7. Amendments or cancellation
Once your reservation is confirmed, you have the right to modify or cancel your reservation. In all cases, it is necessary to contact one of our offices to exchange the original ticket in  your possession. Any ticket where the date or time has been amended is no longer refundable.

Modification: Depending on availability of seats, tickets can be amended as many times as desired up until 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. Amendment fee per ticket (for the date and time of journey): supplements may apply for the new date and time selected plus an ammendment fee as follows: Up to 2 hours before the departure of affected route: 6 € per change.  1/2 hour before the departure, ticket are changeable  only on a shop and under availability onboard: €6 per change.

NOTE: Once actioned the new date and departure time takes effect immediately. The departure and arrival towns, and the owner of the ticket cannot be modified. If the new price is lower than the original  booking, the difference will not be refunded.

Cancellation Charges:

  •  More than 48 hours before departure: 25% of the total ticket price (minimum charge:10 €)
  • Less than 48 hours and up to 2 hours before departure: 50% of the total ticket price (minimum charge: 20 €)

  • Less than 2 hours before departure or no show: 100% of the total ticket price

  • Note: The service fees, boarding taxes and insurance policy are non-refundable.

  • Less than 6 hours before departure, tickets cannot be modified by telephone, Internet or in a travel agency. Subject to availability, it is possible to modify a ticket at a Eurolines office up to 1/2 an hour after the departure time stated on the ticket. The charge is €8 per modification.

8. Refunds
Any claim made as a result of a cancellation as defined in Article 7, must be confirmed  before the end of the ticket validity. No respect of this condition will unable Eurolines Peninsular SA to deal with your request. The ticket refund is done only in the shop where the ticket has been bought. If the ticket has been purchased on Internet or by phone, the client must contact the Central Booking by phone or by email informació  Any request must be accompanied by proof of cancellation.

9. Lost, damaged or stolen tickets
Ticket that are damaged, lost or stolen cannot be refunded. If the ticket has been issued in the form of an e-ticket, you can re-print it.

10. Schedules
The departure and arrival times indicated in our timetables and on our tickets are expressed in local time. Some schedule changes may occur during the year. It is the client's responsibility to verify. The schedule is indicative and we do not guarantee their total accuracy. In cases of 'force majeure', Eurolines Peninsular  SAannot be held responsible for changes, delays or cancellations to the services. Circumstances considered as 'force majeure' include, war or threat of war, accident (s): delays caused by bad weather, fire, accidents at a coach stop, coaches impounded or arrested by police or customs, death, road accidents, vandalism, terrorism, slow moving traffic, strikes, disturbances, riots, passenger problems, driving ban issued to coaches, bankruptcy resulting in the cessation of trading by a partner coach company or any other circumstances likely to endanger passenger safety.

11. Force Majeure
In case of force majeure, Eurolines Peninular SA cannot be held responsible for changes, delays or cancellations. In such cases, Eurolines cannot be liable to any traveller for full or partial refund of tickets or additional expenses incurred by the passenger. Circumstances considered as force majeure include: war or threat of war, accident (s) resulting in delays, bad weather, fire or accident at an interchange point, vehicle control points by the police or customs, death and accident on the road, vandalism and terrorism, slow traffic, strikes, disturbances caused by a passenger, riot(s), impounding of vehicles, bankruptcy, cessation of activity with a partner carrier or any other circumstance that may endanger the safety of passengers.,

12. Minors
Unaccompanied minors under 16 are not accepted onboard our coaches unless travelling with an adult who has legal parental authority. Minors between 16 and 18 not accompanied by the person holding parental authority are allowed on board our coaches but they must be in possession of all relevant documents required for crossing borders (e.g. Passport, ID + travel permits).

13. Identity documents
Travel and health documentation may be required to undertake your journey(s). For  Spanish Nationals, European Community Nationals and those Nationalities party to the European Economic Agreement will be advised tf the documentation required at time of booking. Passengers are fully responsible for  all costs associated in obtaining the necessary documents (identity card, passport, visa, permission to leave the country) required by police and immigration controls for both the final destination and any countries transited. Nationals of all other foreign countries should research with the relevant authorities regarding the travel permits they will require before purchasing a ticket with Eurolines SA. Before boarding, all passengers must prove their identity matches the name on the ticket. If required to disembark the coach for a customs or immigration inspection, passengers must not leave any personal possesions on board the coach. Eurolines SA assumes no liability vis-à-vis any client who does not comply with these requirements. Accordingly, Eurolines cannot under any circumstances be liable to refund (full or partial) or compensate any traveller's ticket.

14. Conditions of travel

A Embarkation
Boarding passengers must present themselves at the Eurolines coach stop or designated check-in in the cases where assistance is offered no later than 30 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket. In the case of late arrivals, boarding cannot be guaranteed less than 15 minutes before departure. Embarkation points are public places and changes may occur at the request of local authorities. When purchasing a ticket it is the customer's responsibility to enquire about the exact location of the embarkation point from the Eurolines agent or travel agent. 

B Baggage
All luggage must be labelled. Eurolines labels are available on request. Passengers are allowed to carry two bags or suitcase free of charge, the dimensions of which must not exceed 150 cm each. The carriage of objects such as  bicycles, sporting equipment, skis and musical instruments are strictly prohibited. On some lines there is a fee for the transportation of luggage. We would bring to the attention of travellers their liability regarding damage caused by their luggage to third parties (or person). It is strictly prohibited to carry illegal products or flammable material aboard a Eurolines coach. The condition of luggage is entirely the responsibility of passengers.

C Animals
The transportation of animals aboard a Eurolines coach is not permitted with the exception of sensing dogs

D Technical & Comfort Stops
Technical and comfort stops for meals and refreshments are scheduled during the journey. Without recourse, or any consequences associated thereof, the coach driver has the right to depart should any passenger fail to re-join the coach at the agreed time.  If not arriving at their final destination, passengers are required to remain onboard unless specified otherwise by the driver.

E Mutual Respect
Mutual Respect for other travellers requires that passengers do not eat, drink alcohol, smoke, carry or use narcotic drugs onboard a Eurolines coach.

F Audio, Visual, Musical Equipment
The use  of radios, tape recorders, musical instruments or any equipment that generates sound, and that could prove a nuisance to other passengers or distract the driver, are allowed only with earphone.

16. Passenger Obligations

Any breach of the contractual obligation as detailed in Articles 6, 13, 14 and 15 of these Terms and Conditions or contravention of public law order in force may result in passengers being denied boarding. In such cases and under no circumstances, can Eurolines Peninsular SA be held liable for a full or partial refund  by a claimant. Key passenger information is required during the reservation process including a contact telephone number and e-mail address. This information is useful in helping to contact passengers in the event of a subsequent change to the reservation made. Eurolines SA cannot be held responsible in the event a client refuses to supply this information or supplies incorrect or false information. 

17. Eurolines Peninsular SA disclaimer
For operational reasons, Eurolines Peninular SA reserves the right to alter the journey plan which may require customers to change coach . Eurolines Peninular SA reserves the right to amend, suspend, change the frequency  or cancel schedules. In the case of a cancellation, withdrawal or failure to operate a service for reasons within the control of the operator, Eurolines Peninular SA's liability is limited to a refund of the full value of the ticket. Where force majeure (see condition 11.) results in the cancellation of a service, travel can be postponed without charge but may not give rise to a refund of the journey(s).

18. Passenger Assistance and Claims

a) A support number is stated on all Eurolines Peninular tickets to allow passengers to quickly contact the Company

b) Any claim must be sent by registered mail with proof of receipt to the following address: Eurolines - Servicio al Cliente Av. Roma, 13. 08029 Barcelona. The claim must be accompanied by the original ticket and all supporting documentation within 15 days of the incident. Claims will not be processed if this requirement is not adhered to.

c) Passengers must immediately notify the coach driver, a Eurolines office, or partner office for any claims relating to loss, theft or damage to baggage. This claim must then be followed up in writing enclosing confirmation of receipt of the original ticket to the following address: Eurolines - Servicio al Cliente Av. Roma, 13. 08029 Barcelona no later than 15 days after completion of the journey. The compensation for damage to checked-in baggage is limited to a maximum of 145 euros per item or 190 euros per passenger. It is recommended that travellers travellers should purchase travel insurance if their luggage (cancellation, luggage, repatriation) is valued higher than 150 euros. The carrier assumes no responsibility for luggage not transported in the hold. Baggage is the sole responsibility of passengers when transferring between coaches or passing through customs

19. Applicable Jurisdiction
These General terms and conditions of carriage with Eurolines Peninsular SA are subject to Spanish law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and/or execution will be under the jurisdiction of Spanish courts.