Population : 1,3 million inhabitants
Currency : Euro (€)
Average temperature : 27°C in summer – 6°C in winter
World city, capital of fashion and economic heart of Italy

Attractions you must see

Milan’s cathedral – the Duomo : is one of the most famous gothic buildings in the world and is situated on the Piazza del Duomo. From the rooftop you can enjoy stunning views of the city.
The Castle Sforzesco, houses several museums and has a beautiful garden.
The Gallery Vittorio Emmanuele II, is a very chic shopping quarter with prestigious haute couture brands and  smart restaurants. Perhaps one of the most beautiful shopping malls in Europe!
The Teatro della Scala, The world renowned opera house.
Santa Maria delle Grazie One of the most beautiful art galleries and includes Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece - the Last Supper.

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