FAQ Your journey

Preparing for your journey

What documents do I require for my journey(s) with Eurolines ?
The documents you require will vary according to your age, nationality and which countries you will be visiting  - including those countries you must transit to reach your destination.

It is the responsibility of all passengers to check and obtain the necessary documents to travel with Eurolines. Eurolines accepts no responsibility for any passenger who attempts travel without valid documents   

You can find out all the information you need for travel documentation when travelling in the European  Union at this website: www.europa.eu

I'm under 18 years old. What is Eurolines policy  ?

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I am handicapped. What is Eurolines policy ?
Eurolines welcomes passengers with restricted mobility aboard our coaches provided they are accompanied by a non-handicapped helper. 

Disabled passengers are charged the same fares as all other passengers. However the person accompanying the disabled passenger will receive a 50% discount off Eurolines standard fares (i.e. not promo fares).We regret that this discount is not available online but can be booked at a Eurolines shop or at our Call Centre: +34 902 405 040

Animals. Can I take my pet onboard a Eurolines coach?
In the interests of other passengers, hygeine and safety, it is strictly forbidden to travel with animals onboard a Eurolines coach. 

Coach stop addresses. Where do I find the coach stop addresses for my departure and arrival?
For a complete list of coach stop addresses in France: click here. Vous avez également la possibilité de contacter notre centrale de réservation : +34 902 405 040.

What if my coach is delayed ? Who do I contact ?
You can call our emergency hotline number for the latest information: 902 40 50 40

Boarding & onboard

How long in advance must I be at the coach stop ?
All passengers must present themselves at the coach stop departure point no later than 30 minutes before the departure time stated on your tickets.

Embarkation cannot be guaranteed if you arrive later than 15 minutes before departure.

Are the seats onboard numbered/pre-assigned ?
For maximum flexibility, Eurolines do not pre-assign seats at time of booking.

Are meals provided onboard ?
Eurolines is Europe's leading low cost coach operator. To keep the fares low, we prefer to give you the opportunity to choose how you spend your money on food and beverages. For this reason, we do not provide food onboard.  Your coach journey will include appropriate stops to allow you to eat.

In the interest of fellow passengers and hygeine, it is not permitted to eat onboard a Eurolines coach.

Are there comfort stops on the journey?
All of our routes include stops for passengers to embark and disembark. These stops are an opportunity for all clients to have a brief walk around or perhaps have a snack.   

What entertainment is there onboard ? Can I use my own DVD player or listen to music ?
In the majority of cases, Eurolines coaches are equipped with television screens with individual headphone points at each seat. 

The use of personal entertainment equipment (DVD player, Ipods etc)  is permitted onboard with headphones. We would ask passengers to ensure that the volume through the headphones is not an intrusion on fellow passengers.    

Is drinking alcohol and smoking permitted onboard Eurolines coaches ?
It is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol onboard Eurolines coaches. The coach driver has the authority to refuse boarding of any client under the influence of alcohol who may jeopardize the security or enjoyment of fellow passengers travelling with Eurolines.  

Barcelona airport. What is the nearest Eurolines coach stop ?
The nearest Eurolines coach stop to Barcelona airport is Barcelone Sants.
A train operates directly to the airport from Barcelona Sants: 'Line 10 - Direction Aeropuerto'.
A single adult ticket costs €3.00 and the journey takes about 30 minutes

I need help during my journey?

Emergency 24/7 hotline: : + 902 40 50 40