More FAQs

I would like to write a letter or send an e-mail to a Eurolines shop. How ?
Full details of our shops in France are available by clicking this link: Shops in Spain

I would like to feedback my comments about Eurolines service? How do I do this?
Although we are not able to respond to every communication, we do value our client's opinions. We do analyse the collective feedback to help us identify any trends or areas where we can improve the service we deliver.

If you would like to submit your feedback please Click here

How can I subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter ?
Please follow the information on our website. 

I am meeting someone on arrival. How do I find out if the coach is on time?
There are 2 possibilities:

  • Call the person you are meeting on their mobile and ask them to check with the coach driver for the estimated time of arrival. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to talk to the coach driver whilst driving. The person you are meeting must wait until the coach is stationary before speaking to the driver. 
  • Within office opening hours you can contact the nearest Eurolines shop to the arrival point 

I have encountered a technical problem with your website. How else can I make a booking?
Firstly we are sorry that you have encountered an unexplained technical problem with our website.
You can contact our Call Centre on  +34 902 405 040 o 902 40 50 40 or visit your nearest Eurolines shop

What is my carbon footprint if I travel with Eurolines ?
Eurolines has developed a CO2 calculator to compare travel by coach versus travel by train or car. You will see that travel by coach produces significantly less carbon emissions per person.

Click here to use the calculator: CO2 emissions for your journey.

You can find out more about this calculation tool by clicking on this link: