Our actions

We are engaged in an ongoing program of actions within our organization to reduce our impact on the global environment.

This dynamic program concerns all departments within the company.
We are working continiously to improve our processes and ideas. Her are some examples


  Respecting our Sustainable Development Charter



  Reduction of paper consumption

By printing tickets on recycled A4 paper instead of using bespoke tickets across all our sales offices in France

By continuing to pursue the goal of e-ticketing, including sending e-tickets when customers book by telephone


  Paper and ink carteridge recycling   

At our flagship International coach station at Paris Gallieni and headquarters at Nanterre, we provide dedicated paper recyling bins for all employees to use.

Our sales offices throughout France (20) are obligated to respect the recycling policies of the city

We participate in a program of recycling our ink cartridges.



  Temperature control in offices

In winter, the temperature within offices shouldn't be higher than 19°C.
In summer, the temperature within offices shouldn't be less than 26°C.


  Saving electricity

All staff are continually reminded of their responsibility to turn off lighting, temperature controls and computer screens when they leave the office in the evening


 Using only printers with an eco-environmental label.